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Use of copyrighted material

Make sure you have explicit permission before you add the copyrighted works of others here. IcehouseWiki has been granted explicit permissions for some content. List of Permissions

Capitalization of page titles

Use Initial Caps for page titles unless there's a good reason not to. Example: "Martian Coaster Chaturanga" instead of "Martian coaster chaturanga". Categories shouldn't use initial caps.

Languages beyond English

This wiki is primarily in English, but don't let that deter you from adding content in other languages. There are already several other languages used here. Please tag articles in other languages or links to rules translations with [[Category:Your language]]. Doing so will allow your page to be found using the language portal on the Main Page.

Rules translations

For rules translations, please use [[English Game Title (Language)]] as the page title. Example: Penguin Soccer (French).

User pages

Legit user pages should be tagged with [[Category:User page]], to help differentiate between actual user accounts and spammers/vandals/bots.

Blocking users and protecting pages

Per the Icehouse Game Design Competition rules, the pages of contest entrants will be blocked from editing during the judging phase. This will be lifted after the results have been announced.

Spam and external linking

Spam and vandalism will not be tolerated, and any instances of it will be deleted immediately. User accounts used for spamming or vandalism will have their IP address blocked for one year.