Ice Fu

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Ice Fu
Glenn Overby
There can be only one
:Players Players:
:Time Length: unknown
:Complexity Complexity: Low
Trios per color: 5
Number of colors: 2
Pyramid trios:
Monochr. stashes: 2
Five-color sets:
- - - - - - Other equipment - - - - - -
opaque container
Setup time: 1 minute
Playing time:
Strategy depth: Medium
Random chance: Medium
Game mechanics:
Theme: martial arts
BGG Link:
Status: complete? (v1.0), Year released: 2987

Ice Fu is an interesting 2-player game, inspired by Tai Chi. Players build trigrams using randomly drawn pyramids of only two colors. For each trigram there is an equal and opposite trigram. In a battle of attrition, trigrams are matched together until one player is out of trigrams.

Designed by Glenn Overby, 2005.

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Entered in the Icehouse Game Design Competition, Autumn 2005
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