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This page contains empty grids for use in posting rules explanations in the game pages. Just click the 'edit' button above any displayed grid to copy and paste the text into the page you are working on. To place pyramids into the grids, replace the {{PL| ||3em}} part with the Pyramid Love markup for the pyramid you want to display, like {{PL|:MPN|blue|3em}} for a Medium Pointing North that is blue.

Example of grid with pyramids in it


These pyramids are all being displayed using text, not images. This is possible using Pyramid Love, the font made especially for Looney Pyramids that just happens to be installed on this Wiki. Learn how to use it here: How to Use Pyramid Love Font


8x8 Grid

7x7 Grid

6x6 Grid

5x5 Grid

4x4 Grid

3x3 Grid

4x8 Grid


8x8 Chessboard

7x7 Chessboard

6x6 Chessboard

5x5 Chessboard

4x4 Chessboard

3x3 Chessboard

4x8 Chessboard