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There are 66 games in an unknown/undesignated stage.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersStatusYear
IceTradersStarships battle for Good and Evil26complete?2000
Ice MerchantsVenus is a hot place: The Place for the "in" crowd, party central for the solar system, and a tourist trap par excellance. There's just one problem. It's a HOT place...4complete?2000
PointsettiaPlayers compete to place their pieces.2complete?2000
Solacepatience puzzle for one1complete?2000
Volcano (variants)Lava flows for points as the volcano erupts!14complete?2000
NomiceAn Icehouse/Nomic hybrid game.210complete?2001
PantopiaPantopia is a game of territorial struggle, shifting fortune, and elemental magic.25complete?2001
ProtozoaCreate the most successful multi-celled colony creature24complete?2001
Stack Chess2complete?2001
The Great Martian Ice Machine24complete?2001
ErebusicehouseA darkly-themed game of Life, Death, War, Disease, and Soul collection2complete?2002
Ice AgeMastodons vs the Hunters2complete?2002
LandrushCompete to own the land worth the greatest value.25complete?2002
Martian Midswreak havoc with Martian Mids24complete?2002
Martian QuiltingAssembling pyramidal pieces26complete?2002
Nonub Ish4complete?2002
Pyramid SchemeBuild pyramids, attack your enemy, and earn Ra’s favor by being the first to gather the correct number of favor tokens.24complete?2002
Rotationaryrotate pieces in place1complete?2002
TMAG: The Martian Assassination GameBe the first victim to reach all of the bases39complete?2002
SpickleheadA game of self-inflicted bodily harm...with Icehouse pieces1100complete?2003
TöframennA fantasy strategy game where wizards, experts in a variety of elemental arts (represented by nine colors), face off in a battle of good verses evil.2complete?2003
Ways of the Towering TribesmenTwo barbaric tribes at war2complete?2003
Icehouse Null GameThe Game of Playing with Pyramids1100complete?2004
Hexano-DuelA more strategic variant of Volcano played with 9 stashes on a hexagonal board2complete?2005
Ice FuThere can be only one2complete?2005
Ice LadyA variant of Turkish checkers, aka Dama, using Icehouse pieces.2complete?2005
IceCreamA two player game that requires no playing surface.2complete?2005
JuxtaposePlayers play a 'tic-tac-toe'-like game using a 4x4 board and a single stash of pieces from a common pool.24complete?2005
Simple Life or Death210complete?2005
SpectraA game of color theory26complete?2005
Tree-HalmaTreehouse update to an older game24complete?2005
TriumvirateCapture at least two trees' worth of opponent's pieces2complete?2005
Zendo-TaoZendo masters take small steps along the path to discover the one true secret rule.2100complete?2005
La Columna de Trajanoabstract strategy board game for Icehouse of elimination2complete?2006
Power TowerBuild high towers by taking over pieces from other towers.24complete?2006
Take It Or Leave ItA "Press Your Luck" style Treehouse game26complete?2006
GeomancyThe Game of Casting and Recasting26complete?2007
InfluenzaAn Icehouse influence game where different bacteria fight over creating the greatest infections34complete?2007
WormholesA mind-warping space battle for 2 or more players.210complete?2007
ZugzwangAn icehouse game inspired by chess2complete?2007
Dog Eat DogAn abstract game of strategy and luck for 2 or more players28complete?2008
TresurionAn Icehouse space battles system2complete?2008
Around & AroundTreehouse game where players race to the Safe House24complete?2009
Capture the CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.2complete?2009
Chaos CheckersA twist on checkers where the pieces constantly gain new abilities2complete?2009
High RiseA game of trying to build the biggest towers in order to control the most valuable properties on a Martian Coasters square2complete?2009
RAMbots FactoryA variant of RAMbots where the factory floor moves and changes orientation and adds various board elements to interact with.24complete?2009
Tower DefenseDefend your headquarters2complete?2009
Crystal CavernsRPG played on a playing card dungeon map15complete?2010
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.2complete?2010
PyramidetoEASY, FAST, and FUN.24complete?2010
Spy vs SpyCollect all the pieces of the Thingamajig, avoid the other spy and the police, and get out alive!2complete?2010
Pyramid PunchA quick game of pyramid combat.25complete?2011
Whack ChessChess with stacking pyramids and a dynamic board2complete?2011
Battle RoyalA Chesslike game for a TreeHouse set24complete?2012
DragonflockDragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns2complete?2012
Latent BinariesAbide by the rules of binaries... Rely on deductive reasoning and luck to create weaknesses in your opponent's defenses in order to have a clear shot at taking control of their base.2complete?2012
MagmaJumpy patience on a Volcano board12complete?2012
Martian SenetA race through the Martian underworld2complete?2012
Vankor Gang WarsA game of revolution and city takeover, for many players48complete?2012
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover24complete?2012
MagnetoIt´s all about opposites.2complete?2013