Games Released in the Past Five Years

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These games were published between 2014 and 2019. They are a mix of all games, published and fan-made, from playtesting-stage to complete.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersGame MechanicsYear
NickelUse strategy to form a line or L shape on a colorful, randomly-generated board22Unknown2020
OverrideA two-player game where pieces are individually owned but mutually controlled22Movement, Placement2019
Xero-GA quick, accessible game of spaceships and strategy22Unknown2019
Elemental TowersA solitaire game played with an Aquarius deck11Unknown2018
WarpShipsA freeform-board spaceship maneuvering game24Unknown2018
Buyer's Market24Bidding, Building2017
Lava FlowsA quick strategy game that rewards clever tactics and a sharp memory22Unknown2017
Super Death RayImage coming soon...23Color powers, Freeform board2017
Traffic TyrantsA pyramid game inspired by a children's game of traffic lightsUnknown2017
Attack of the MidsA coop game similar to Flash Point: Fire Rescue13Unknown2016
Color WheelTry to connect all same colored pyramids before time runs out!15Puzzle, Cooperative2016
Give or Take210Set collection, Trading2016
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks22Pattern formation2016
Looney LudoNavigate an ever-changing maze and collect the right pieces to win26Dynamic board, Stacking2016
Petal BattleTwo groups of insects battle for control of a flower22Strategy, Turn bidding2016
Petri DishBacteria fight for dominion inside a Petri Dish210Unknown2016
PowerhouseCollect exactly five pyramids in one size but five different colors.25Semi-random draw2016
Pyramid BallA game of sports and programmable movement22Programmable Movement2016
Sky RiseA game of hidden agendas and tower construction25Tower building, Hidden information, Shared pieces2016
SolomidsA solo game of stacking, sliding, and swapping11Unknown2016
VerticalityBuild the tallest tower!15Tower building, Dexterity2016
Ice Etin's Cave44Unknown2015
CarboniteDiceA game of CarboniteDice in progress.11Set Building, Push your luck2014
InitiativeAn initiative stack22Piece placement, Perfect information2014
LogisticsA game of Logistics in progress22Capture, Perfect information2014
MaliceMalice. Get some.22Capture, Perfect information2014
MartianWhistResolving a trick in Martian Whist22Trick-taking, Perfect information2014
Martianopolis 500Zip around the track to the finish.24Unknown2014
PewPewDieA player wields a juggernaut!22Elimination, Rock-Paper-Scissors2014
PungoA game of Pungo setup and ready to play22Controlled roll, Perfect information2014
ToripokaA Mini Royal with a wild card.22Capture, Hand management2014

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