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Erik Oosterwal

Icehouse Games

These games are in various states of development
Amoeba Capture the Flag Dodger
Hexachess Icemen's Morris Isoku
Nimbus Nimitz Polymer Chains
Quicksand Skyscrapers Snowball Fight!

Board Game Geek Pages

User page: Oosterwal
Game submissions:
Road Rally 2-4 player racing game.
Zermatt 2-6 player mountain climbing game.

Other External Websites

What used to reside on Geocities and is now archived on Reocities:

Dressing for Success
Computer Science 101
The Puzzle Page

Blogspot Contributions

The Puzzle Page (updated almost daily)
Computer Algorithms
The Mad Steampunk Scientist (needs more attention)

Google Sites - Replacing Geocities

The Puzzle Page (The Geocities site--currently in the process of reanimation)
Computer Science 101
Mad Steampunk Science (Currently a stub--look for updates in the near future)


Contributions to Community of Puzzle and Brain-Teaser fans.

Internal Pages (other than the game design contributions)

Martian coaster diagram

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