Czech Pyramids

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Detail of Czech Pyramids

Czech pyramids, also called Kouzelné pyramidky in Czech (cca Magical Small Pyramids) is a set of 18 pyramids of 3 sizes and 6 colors with rounded base and tip. Czech Pyramids were produced in 2012 after EU ban to import Looney Pyramids to European Union. They fit well to new Pyramideto, and Sixx games as to Flags.

Czech pyramids come in 6 opaque colors (white, black, yellow, red, green, and blue).

Because they have rounded base, they can only stand, not lie down.

Rounded tip makes them safe even for young children.

Czech pyramids are produced by Jan Divecky,, author of Pyramideto, Sixx, Flags, European War, and Troika games with pyramids.


18 pyramids with six-color die



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