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The Closest Chost
Designed by Andrew Looney
:Players Players: 2 - 2
:Time Length: short
:Complexity Complexity: unknown
Trios per color: 2
Number of colors: 2
Pyramid trios:
Monochr. stashes:
Five-color sets:
- - - - - - Other equipment - - - - - -
Setup time:
Playing time:
Strategy depth: low
Random chance:
Game mechanics:
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BGG Link: The Closest Ghost
Status: Complete (v1.0), Year released: 2019

The Closest Ghost

The Closest Ghost is a simple two-player game designed to be played with candy as game pieces. The first player to whose side of the board is clear of candy is the winner.

What You will Need

Ghosts :L :L :L
Trick-or-Treaters ::S ::S
Boards :Ludo :Ludo
Candy ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙
⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙ ⊙


Be the first player whose side of the board has been cleared of candy.


You and a friend are out trick-or-treating. You enter a haunted house and are soon frightened by a ghost. You both spill your bags of candy onto the floor. You race to pick the candy up and escape to safety.