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To quote the Looney Labs website: "Just what every well prepared gamer needs: a chessboard that you can fold up and put in your pocket -- or even wear on your head! This 100% cotton bandana is screen-printed in black and shades of gray, and has a beautiful curlicue border designed by Alison 'Looney' Frane, which vies with any in your collection. Great for Icehouse games and any others that use a chess/checker board as a playing field."

Unfortunately the chessboard bandana is no longer available.

A two-player game of Pikemen on a chessboard bandana

The squares on the bandana are 1.75" on a side, and so they perfectly fit a large piece lying on its side. This makes it the perfect play area for a game like Pikemen, as shown in the illustration.


Originally, this product was included in the "Black Ice" expansion set for the "Icehouse: the Martian Chess Set" edition of the Icehouse set. The first chessboard bandanas did not have the paisley border; they were just a standard black and white chessboard. The more attractive second version quickly followed, and the new bandanas were also released as a stand-alone product.

See the list of games which can use a chessboard in Category:Chessboard.

Note: There was a resurgence for this board and MCG was in pre production of a brand new series of chessboard bandanas that used to be available only through Kickstarter, but they didn't get enough backers.