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This is a list of games that require two colors of pyramids to play.

For more 2-player games, see also Browse games/Colors per player

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersTrios per colorOther EquipmentStatus
A-A-Arctic KetteringAbstract25Kettering Cards, chessboardComplete
AcceleratorScientists compete to get the most particles out of an accelerator2421 Cosmic Coaster, 1 Martian Coaster per player (optional)Initial design
AlbiorixA chess-like game without captures25volcano boardComplete
AlheimurAn Icehouse space exploration game that uses an Aquarius deck.285Aquarius deck, 3d6Playtesting
AmbushA capture game for 2 players with 2 stashes and 4 Martian Coasters.25Martian CoastersComplete
Breakthrough25ChessboardInitial design
BridgeA strategy game where you try to connect opposing edges of an 8x8 board.248x8 boardInitial design
Capture the CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.24a deck of cards including two Jokerscomplete?
ContinuumUse pyramids and a poker deck to get your trees to exchange places221playing cardsPlaytesting
Cover UpCover up your opponent's options and get 4-in-a-row25volcano boardComplete
CryosquareDynamic two-player, two-stash connection game played on a chessboard.258x8 boardInitial design
Crystal HabitA game of mineralogy. Create crystal composites of different sizes and composition.253 to 5Initial design
DragonflockDragons intimidate each other and lay waste to hapless towns23Volcano boardcomplete?
EdgesEdges is an abstract strategy game of placement for two, played on the 31 edges (not squares or points) of a three by four rectangular grid representing the canal network.254x3 board, each space about 2"x2"Complete
ExtinctionTwo races of creatures fight to make the other go extinct.25chessboardComplete
Fuji-san25Custom boardComplete
HexachessChess on a hexagonal board.235Poker ChipsInitial design
High RiseA game of trying to build the biggest towers in order to control the most valuable properties on a Martian Coasters square221 Martian Coaster, 9 small six-sided dicecomplete?
HostagesBe the first player to rescue all 5 of your hostages by returning them to your base.25chess boardComplete
Ice DaoIce Dao is a quick little abstract strategy game for two players.225x5 boardComplete
Ice FuThere can be only one25opaque containercomplete?
Ice LadyA variant of Turkish checkers, aka Dama, using Icehouse pieces.24Chessboardcomplete?
IceFrogsPlayers jump their pyramids across the board in an attempt to get a piece into their opponent's start space.235Poker ChipsComplete
InfiltrateBuild an army and fight your way through the enemy's lines.24Mega-Volcano boardComplete
Intersectplacement and simultaneous capture25some playing cardsComplete
KaeruJumping from waterlily to waterlily, your frogs try to eat the prey they like the most211 Aquarius deckComplete
King o' the CastleA strategy game where players try to invade one another's castles24coin or discPlaytesting
King of the Sinking IcebergJump and capture small caps on a shrinking board25noneInitial design
KotraA dice strategy game similar to Backgammon, played on a chessboard.245A chessboard, two d4 diceComplete
KrumpA chess-like game where your movement options increase as the game progresses.25Mega-Volcano board, Playing CardsComplete
Lava FlowsA quick strategy game that rewards clever tactics and a sharp memory233x3 gridComplete
Ley Lines of MarsPlace pyramids on the surface of Mars to claim mystic dominance25Martian Coasters, Volcano capsPlaytesting
Lunar InvadersInterlunar teleportation death struggle!23moon boards (Cosmic Coasters), diceComplete
MagnetoIt´s all about opposites.255x5 boardcomplete?
MaliceMalice. Get some.23Playtesting
Martian BackgammonA Martian take on Backgammon25imaginary board, 3 tokens, 2 six-sided diceComplete
Martian BoggleMove pyramids around a letter grid to spell words25Miniature Scrabble set, opaque bag, D4s, Volcano boardComplete
Martian ChaturangaBased on a strategy game that predates Chess25stones, D4s, Volcano boardComplete
Martian CheckersPieces jump and immediately capture23Playtesting
Martian FrisbyA race game on a narrow board where players try to block each other and get the roll that will propel their pieces into the required nested configuration.22Dice, A 2x8 boardComplete
Martian Life245chessboardComplete
Martian Mud WrestlingA simple game of sinking in the mud25Volcano boardComplete
Martian Push2House Game being translated into Treehouse25or 3x3 Martian coasters (2 sets), 9x9 grid boardInitial design
Martian SenetA race through the Martian underworld24Martian Coasters, dicecomplete?
Martian Tic-Tac-ToeTic-Tac-Toe with Icehouse pieces23Three-by-three grid (or part of a chessboard)Complete
MiddlemanManeuver around a cramped board to reunite your pieces25boardComplete
Mind ControlI24ChessboardComplete
OshugoA somewhat quick penny-flipping game21PenniesInitial design
OverrideA two-player game where pieces are individually owned but mutually controlled255x5 gridComplete
Pach-Ice-iGet all your pieces to your opponent's start25Board as described, three d8 diceComplete
PentamidGet five pieces in a row24Volcano boardComplete
Pentamid TwistGet five pieces in a row25set of Martian CoastersComplete
PoptrixLaunch new pyramids, destroy enemy pyramids, and control the board.256x5 boardComplete
PylonA 2-player abstract strategy game of placement and stacking.25a 5x6 rectangular boardComplete
PyraGRYB245GRYB board, GRYB diceComplete
QuicksandA strategy game where you try to capture your opponent's pieces on a board that is in constant flux.254 Martian CoastersComplete
Quicksand (Polish)Gra strategiczna, w której plansza nieustannie się zmienia, a celem jest zdobywanie piramidek przeciwnika.254 Martian CoastersComplete
Solacepatience puzzle for one15nonecomplete?
Stack Chess25Chessboardcomplete?
StackticsA 3House game for 2 players. The goal is to capture half of your opponents' force (by pip count) before he can do the same to you.23Volcano boardNearly Complete
Synapse-IceAn adaptation of the paper-and-pencil game Synapse'25Complete
Synapse-Ice (Polish)Zapełnianie planszy piramidkami25plansza 6x5Complete
Tic Tac LoopTic Tac Toe on a changing board21Complete
Tower WarDraft a deck, then try to wage a war without making the tower collapse.25playing cardsComplete
TresurionAn Icehouse space battles system251d20, 1d10, 15x25 (or larger) boardcomplete?
TriumvirateCapture at least two trees' worth of opponent's pieces25Chessboardcomplete?
TurtlerHelp your turtle navigate a busy 6-lane freeway245chessboard, D6Complete
Volcano RaceVolcano Race: Played by Martian children everywhere!252 small pyramids of a neutral color, (preferably) a Volcano board.Complete
Wardrobes257x7 boardInitial design
Ways of the Towering TribesmenTwo barbaric tribes at war25Volcano boardcomplete?
Ziggurat Demolition ThrowdownA game of angry magic for pyramids and the Decktet252 DecktetPlaytesting