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This is a list of games that use a Timer.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersStashesSetsGame MechanicsStatus
ApophisA real-time co-op game of saving the world from an asteroid141 Rainbow StashCooperative, Color powersComplete
Carrots and BroccoliA abstract game about planning a garden242 per 2 Players0Timer, IceDiceComplete
Crystal TradersTrade crystals with people from other worlds364UnknownPlaytesting
Great Game of Guessingseries of cards which need be guessed correctly31001 per playerUnknownComplete
Ice MarketA real-time trading game36UnknownComplete
IcehouseIcehouse is a real time game with a freeform board, with players placing attacking and defending pieces as rapidly or as cautiously as they want. But don't go into meltdown!351 per playerReal time, Freeform boardComplete
MadRobotsAn rough initial design28Programmable MovementInitial Design
PyLiPo353 to 42Movement, Creative Writingcomplete?
Pyramid BallA game of sports and programmable movement22Programmable MovementComplete
Ricochet PyramidsSimultaneous real-time searching for the shortest solution to move a robot to a goal.2830Movement, PuzzleComplete
The SniperSurvive an abduction by outwitting The Sniper441 Rainbow StashUnknownInitial Design