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This is a list of games that require three monochrome stashes to play.

For more 3-player games, see also Browse games/Stashes per player

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
Alien CityIcehouse/piecepack hybrid game of city building2piecepack setTile laying, Complex scoringComplete
Alien City (German)Icehouse/Piecepack Hybrid. Städtebau auf einem weit entfernten Planeten für zwei Spieler2piecepack setTile laying, Complex scoringComplete
CascadesA mountaineering two-players race.2A deck of cardsMovement, CardsPlaytesting
Circuit ConnectionA connection game of position where you score points for groups on a board I made2Printable boardConnection, Positional playInitial design
DepictCan you get your friends to guess the secret word using only pyramids?210UnknownInitial design
DodgerCatch the Fugitive in an ever changing landscape.210UnknownInitial design
IceCreamA two player game that requires no playing surface.2None.Unknowncomplete?
LoggerA lumberjack-themed game for 2-4 players24Volcano caps, 5x5 boardUnknownComplete
Martianopoly"Chop down trees, erect buildings, make money."24Chessboard or megavolcano boardAlignmentComplete
Penguin SoccerA Slide-fest for 2 players2ChessboardUnknownComplete
PyLiPo35Chessboard, several gaming stones or tokens of at least five different colors or styles, Scrabble tiles, one six-sided die. Optional: a dictionary, a timer, some printed material.Movement, Creative Writingcomplete?
Pyramids in my pocketA variation on Drip, in which a player tries to guess which pyramids the other has hidden in his pocket.21 Treehouse tube, 1 opaque bag, a piece of clothes with a pocket (or another opaque bag)StackingComplete
Ricochet PyramidsSimultaneous real-time searching for the shortest solution to move a robot to a goal.288x8 chessboard; timerMovement, PuzzleComplete
Squares of DetonationA game of Civil Engineering. And Dynamite.24board, 2d6ExplosionComplete
TriceControl the spaces with the mystic symbols3Trice board, two d4 or three six-sided diceUnknownComplete
TriluminaryIn Triluminary, players battle for influence over the Grey Council.2Hexagonal boardUnknownInitial design