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This is a list of games that require six or more Rainbow/Xeno sets to play.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
Calderaredevelopment of Volcano23Volcano boardStacking, Set collectioncomplete?
ColonizationA game of space conquest mixing light strategy and luck.24Treehouse dieStacking, Color powersComplete
Crystal City CatanColonial building in the style of The Settlers of Catan by Klaus Teuber2210 six-sided dice (10d6). At least one should be different from the rest.Resource Managementcomplete?
Crystal FormationCreate crystals formed into trees while trying to influence the development of your opponents nodes.26ChessboardUnknowncomplete?
Example GameNot really a gamediceUnknowncomplete?
IceCubedA game utilizing IceDice components and a Mega-Volcano board: Players are randomly given opportunities for movement, attack, and supply to the board while also presented the opportunity to seek revenge and wreak havoc on their opponents.24Mega-Volcano board, ELBS (up to 2 sets), IceDiceUnknowncomplete?
PhalansteryOrganize a harmonious group within the utopian phalanx12Volcano board, Volcano caps, caps, set of double-six dominoesDraw, Eruptioncomplete?
Spy vs SpyCollect all the pieces of the Thingamajig, avoid the other spy and the police, and get out alive!222 dice bags, 2 dividers, 5x5 Volcano board, Two 6-sided dice, Two 8-sided diceUnknowncomplete?
Stacktricesfighting enacted within a digital matrix... Pictured, examples of stacks: pupil, thief (tipped), adult, skilled drone, dual skilled, skilled queen.22a stash pad or space for the trading post, 7x7 board (a chessboard minus two rows)Unknowncomplete?
Volcanoredevelopment of Volcano23Volcano boardStacking, Set collectioncomplete?
ZugzwangAn icehouse game inspired by chess22ChessboardUnknowncomplete?