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This is a list of games that use one or more polyhedral dice, i.e. dice with a less-common number of sides such as d4, d8, d10, d12, d20.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersStashesSetsGame MechanicsStatus
Conquest of Marsabstract wargame using pyramids, cards, and dice243Dice combat, Poker handscomplete?
KotraI dice strategy game similar to Backgammon, played on a chessboard.242Movementcomplete?
Martian Mah JonggA rummy game in the style of Chinese Mah Jongg2410Unknowncomplete?
Oi! That's My Phish!A tile collection game inspired by Hey! That's My Fish.291 (one different-colored nest for each player)Pyramid sliding, Tile collectingcomplete?
Pach-Ice-iGet all your pieces to your opponent's start22Unknowncomplete?
Simple Life or Death1 per playerUnknowncomplete?
Treehouse Snakes and LaddersSnakes & Ladders with pyramids, real decisions, and lots of player interaction.251Stacking, Roll and movePlaytesting
TresurionAn Icehouse space battles system22Unknowncomplete?
ZigguratA push-and-shove race around and up the sides of a pyramid.243Roll and move, BlockingPlaytesting