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This is a list of games that should also work with just the pyramids that come with [[Pyramid Arcade]], but only if you pair up colors (e.g. treat two different colors as one color), making five color, each with six trios. A logical set of pairings is Red with Orange, Yellow with Clear, Green with Cyan, Blue with Purple, and Black with White. Due to the wiki's restriction on query size, there might be some games that require 'Other Equipment' not easily accessible, so check the column.
This is a list of games that should also work with just the pyramids that come with [[Pyramid Arcade]], but only if you pair up colors (e.g. treat two different colors as one color), making five colors, each with six trios. A logical set of pairings is Red with Orange, Yellow with Clear, Green with Cyan, Blue with Purple, and Black with White. Due to the wiki's restriction on query size, there might be some games that require 'Other Equipment' not easily accessible, so check the column.

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This is a list of games that should also work with just the pyramids that come with Pyramid Arcade, but only if you pair up colors (e.g. treat two different colors as one color), making five colors, each with six trios. A logical set of pairings is Red with Orange, Yellow with Clear, Green with Cyan, Blue with Purple, and Black with White. Due to the wiki's restriction on query size, there might be some games that require 'Other Equipment' not easily accessible, so check the column.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
A-A-Arctic KetteringAbstract2Kettering Cards, chessboardUnknownComplete
AbiegnusRosicrucian Volcano12Volcano board, 5 ELBs, color dieEruption, DivinationComplete
AebGrow your forces and destroy the enemy.24chess boardNonePlaytesting
AlbiorixA chess-like game without captures2volcano boardChess-likeComplete
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.26Chessboard, Opaque bagUnknownComplete
AlheimurAn Icehouse space exploration game that uses an Aquarius deck.28Aquarius deck, 3d6NonePlaytesting
AmbushA capture game for 2 players with 2 stashes and 4 Martian Coasters.2Martian CoastersUnknownComplete
AmoebaA science themed game with an ever-increasing board size.2616 Poker Chips per playerPlacement, NoneComplete
AntshouseAnts running the gauntlet over a pavement while mean kids tries to splat them.24ChessboardUnknownComplete
ArenaRoll a D20 to knock down as many pyramids as possible24chessboard, D8s, D6s, coinsUnknownComplete
ArmadaIn Armada, a fleet of fast, maneuverable ships does battle with a fleet of slow, powerful ships.2Chits to act as damage markersMeasured movementComplete
Armada 2KIn Armada 2K, fleets of warships do battle on the open seas.210Chits to act as damage markersUnknownComplete
AscendancyA turn-based game of tower building.252 dice, flat surfaceUnknownPlaytesting
AutomatonThis is a Robotic Combat game24Chessboard, a unique token for each player, a 3x5 card (or like implement) for each Automaton)Simultaneous actionComplete
Ballistic WarsA pure strategy game of knocking down enemy walls36toothpickUnknownPlaytesting
Barrakesh ExpressControl surface transport on Mars24Special map board, playing cards, custom goal notesSet collection, Hidden informationPlaytesting
Barsoomian JetanFantasy chess on Barsoom (Mars)210x10 grid boardChess, Angular movementComplete
Battle of the Body SnatchersCapture more villagers and enemy aliens than your opponent.26x5 boardCapturing, NoneComplete
Blam!Looking for someone to shove? Strategize in Blam! with two to four elbow-room seekers.24ChessboardUnknownComplete
Blam! (Polish)Abstrakcyjna gra planszowa polegająca na wypychaniu piramid przeciwnika poza obręb szachownicy24szachownicaZapełnianie planszy, Dokładanie piramidekComplete
Block ur Friends aka BurFInspired by the game Saikoro where board options are removed, in this one it fills24Chess board, PawnsBlocking, Dice RollingNearly Complete
Branches & Twigs & ThornsPlayers build branching tree structures from a root, trying to always branch from their own pieces, not their opponent's.24Chessboard, two pairs of markersUnknownComplete
Branches & Twigs & Thorns (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze zapełniają plansze swoimi piramidami.24szachownica, znacznikiZapełnianie planszy, Dokładanie piramidekComplete
Breakthrough2ChessboardUnknownInitial design
BridgeA strategy game where you try to connect opposing edges of an 8x8 board.28x8 boardMovementInitial design
Builders of R'lyehConstructing the drowned city of Cthulhu15dice, "floor cards" of various shapesStacking, DexterityComplete
Calderaredevelopment of Volcano23Volcano boardStacking, Set collectionComplete
CapstoneIn Capstone, players try to build stacks that match their secret goal stacks.2a stash pad, a bag to draw pyramids from, shieldsUnknownComplete
Capture The CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.2a deck of cards including two JokersUnknownInitial design
Capture the CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.2a deck of cards including two JokersUnknowncomplete?
Capture the Flag2 or 3 players try to capture an opponent's flag in an ever-shrinking space.23Poker Chips and/or hex boardCapture, Shrinking BoardInitial design
Cardinal ConnectionsIn Cardinal Connections, players try to make more pyramids point towards themselves than toward the other players.24chessboardBoardComplete
CatapultsIn Catapults, each player builds a castle and then tries to tear down the castles of the other players.110NoneUnknownPlaytesting
CathouseCathouse, a game for cats.1CatUnknownComplete
CentrificeCentrifice is a hurling match, introducing a new mechanic for stackable Icehouse pieces: Centrificeing (hurling your Icehouse pieces with the help of other Icehouse pieces).1100NoneUnknownPlaytesting
ChaosCollect all 10 colors25D10sUnknownPlaytesting
Chaos CheckersA twist on checkers where the pieces constantly gain new abilities23 dice bags, 1 set of Volcano CapsStrategic placement, Turn-basedcomplete?
Circuit ConnectionA connection game of position where you score points for groups on a board I made2Printable boardConnection, Positional playInitial design
Coaster ChessMartian Chess meets Martian Coasters244 Martian CoastersUnknownPlaytesting
Cold SpellSpell the most valuable words with your tiles24An Alpha deck or Scrabble tilesUnknownComplete
CoupTake over a small country352 decks of cards, jokers, tokensUnknownInitial design
Cover UpCover up your opponent's options and get 4-in-a-row2volcano boardUnknownComplete
CrackeD ICE (Polish)Gra zręcznościowa, stąpając po lodzie należy uważać, by się nie załamał.25płyta CD, dodatkowa duża piramidkaGra zręcznościowa, Dokładanie piramidekComplete
CrackeD IceDon't tip the ice floe!35an old CD; one extra large pyramidDexterity, BalanceComplete
CryosquareDynamic two-player, two-stash connection game played on a chessboard.28x8 boardUnknownInitial design
Crystal CavernsRPG played on a playing card dungeon map15Treehouse Dice, CountersBoardcomplete?
Crystal FormationCreate crystals formed into trees while trying to influence the development of your opponents nodes.26ChessboardUnknownComplete
Crystal TradersTrade crystals with people from other worlds36timerUnknownPlaytesting
Crystal WarsWargame played on Martian Coasters24Dice or CountersBoardPlaytesting
DNAMutate pieces in your gene pool24chessboardUnknownComplete
Dog Eat DogAn abstract game of strategy and luck for 2 or more players28six-sided diceUnknowncomplete?
Dragon's HoardBe the hero who escapes the dungeon with the most treasure before sunset.14piecepack, 2 opaque bagsUnknownComplete
DripA stacking game using Icehouse pieces2Treehouse plastic tubeUnknownComplete
E, the Game of Martian Chinese Checkers26hex boardUnknownComplete
EOFPlayers use icehouse pieces to make patterns in a data stream.24Shields, bag, BOF, EOF markersUnknownPlaytesting
EdgesEdges is an abstract strategy game of placement for two, played on the 31 edges (not squares or points) of a three by four rectangular grid representing the canal network.24x3 board, each space about 2"x2"UnknownComplete
EfniUse pyramids to win Fluxx goals26Fluxx deckSet collection, Hidden informationComplete
EpicycleExchange your pieces for those in a circle. Avoid getting 3 pieces of the same size.2noneUnknownComplete
EvacuateGet your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.24custom boardStacking, PlacementPlaytesting
ExtinctionTwo races of creatures fight to make the other go extinct.2chessboardCaptureComplete
FocusA game that combines pyramids with Magic: The Gathering cards2Magic: The Gathering deckUnknownComplete
FortsA game of building and tearing down.24one six-sided dieUnknownComplete
Fuji-san2Custom boardUnknownComplete
Galaa.k.a. Farmer's Chess2410 x 10 grid boardCaptureComplete
GeneratorBe the first player with a power coupling on each of the other nodes.24GRYB board, GRYB diceUnknownComplete
GeomancyThe Game of Casting and Recasting26chessboardUnknowncomplete?
GnaqushHop to the other end of the board and promote your pieces24chessboard, tilesUnknownComplete
GnosticaGnostica, an updated version of Zarcana, involves capturing territory on an evolving board made up of Tarot cards.26deck of Tarot cardsModular board, Card gameComplete
Great Game of Guessingseries of cards which need be guessed correctly3100timer/stopwatchUnknownComplete
The Great Martian Ice Machine24Volcano Board, 24 Poker ChipsUnknowncomplete?
Hailstorma very random betting game210large flat surface, opaque containerUnknownComplete
HamstersOnIceYou're in a hamster ball in a huge ice arena24Hex tiles, hex paperUnknownInitial design
HexachessChess on a hexagonal board.23Poker ChipsUnknownInitial design
HexanoA variant of Volcano played on a hexagonal board instead of a square 5x5 one2hexagonal board (PDF available)UnknownPlaytesting
HextrisAbstract23hex board (19 cells or spots)Placement, Movementcomplete?
HomeworldsA strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation26Homeworld markers (optional), good/evil markers (optional)UnknownComplete
Homeworlds (German)Ein Strategiespiel um epische Weltraumschlachten26Spielkarten (für Original Homeworlds)UnknownComplete
Horde RunnersA game of strategy involving theft and two players.2One Chessboard, one six-sided die.Steal, RunComplete
HostagesBe the first player to rescue all 5 of your hostages by returning them to your base.2chess boardNoneComplete
Houses of ThothErecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa25Tarot deckAccumulation, ConstructionPlaytesting
Ice AgeMastodons vs the Hunters2nickels, pennies; Volcano boardUnknowncomplete?
Ice ArenaIce Arena is a tactical arena combat game.24dice, tokens, hex boardUnknownInitial design
Ice BoulePlay a game of Boule with your Icehouse pieces and using the Centrifice-mechanic.110NoneUnknownPlaytesting
Ice ColonyA game of trying to build up your colony and take control of a variety of terrain and eliminate your opponent.24opaque bag, 2 six-sided dice, 1 5x5 Volcano Board, 4 poker chips (or other tokens)Direct conflict, EliminationNearly Complete
Ice DerbyIce Derby is a tactical Destruction derby game.24none.UnknownInitial design
Ice Fishing24Opaque container, screensUnknownComplete
Ice FuThere can be only one2opaque containerUnknowncomplete?
Ice Ice Baby24Numbered cardsUnknownInitial design
Ice LadyA variant of Turkish checkers, aka Dama, using Icehouse pieces.2ChessboardUnknowncomplete?
Ice MarketA real-time trading game36poker deck, pen, paper, timerUnknownComplete
Ice MerchantsVenus is a hot place: The Place for the "in" crowd, party central for the solar system, and a tourist trap par excellance. There's just one problem. It's a HOT place...4deck of Tarot cards with numbersUnknowncomplete?
Ice MinersA 2-player game of underground survival. A Settlers of Catan inspired game.21 d6Resource Management, BuildingInitial design
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.36A smooth surface; an opaque bag, a markerPlacement, Pyramid drawComplete
Ice Pirates251 postcard per player, a few chits or markersUnknowncomplete
Ice PointsA fun game where you try to get the most points by the end of the game.58A deck of regular playing cards.UnknownInitial design
Ice Soo SorryBased on the board game "Sorry"24Sorry board, poker deckUnknownPlaytesting
Ice Storm35chessboard, optional scoring boardUnknownComplete
Ice Tiddly WinksA quick dexterity game with simultaneous play16Good size playing surfaceDexterityComplete
IceCreamA two player game that requires no playing surface.2None.Unknowncomplete?
IceDamThis is a multiplayer variant of IceSickle.24ChessboardUnknownComplete
IceDuelA miniatures-oriented, arena duel game with an unusual character creation format.24a chessboard plus one more per player, a unique pawn for each player, 4 tokens for each player, an 8-sided die, a tarot deck (or a poker deck)Color powersInitial design
IceFrogsPlayers jump their pyramids across the board in an attempt to get a piece into their opponent's start space.23Poker ChipsUnknownComplete
IceSickleIceSickle is a bit similar to checkers, but was originally inspired by solitaire peg jumping games2Volcano boardJumping, PlacementComplete
IceTowersControl the most valuable towers26playing surfaceStacking pyramids, TurnlessComplete
IceTowers (Polish)Kontrola najcenniejszych wież24brakCzas rzeczywisty, Układanie w stosyComplete
IceTradersStarships battle for Good and Evil26playing surfaceUnknowncomplete?
Icebomb Arena45ChessboardUnknownInitial design
IcehouseIcehouse is a real time game with a freeform board, with players placing attacking and defending pieces as rapidly or as cautiously as they want. But don't go into meltdown!351 stash pad per player, optional timerReal time, Freeform boardComplete
Icehouse BaseballA game of chance.2Custom board, Custom cards, six-sided dieUnknownInitial design
Icehouse DashBe the first to complete all five trees14Poker DeckUnknownPlaytesting
Icehouse Plant GameGrow your pieces toward the sun34string, penniesUnknownPlaytesting
Iceland VolcanoLava flows for points as the volcano erupts!14Volcano boardUnknownComplete
Imperial ShuffleBlock your opponent's Emperor from being able to move2custom board of partial chessboardUnknownComplete
InfiltrateBuild an army and fight your way through the enemy's lines.2Mega-Volcano boardUnknownComplete
InfluenceA game of push and pull in which players play their pyramids onto a hex grid to exert influence on stones of three different colors.34hex gameboard, 1 black stone, 6 green stones, 12 white stonesUnknownComplete
InfluenzaAn Icehouse influence game where different bacteria fight over creating the greatest infections34pencil, paperUnknowncomplete?
Intersectplacement and simultaneous capture2some playing cardsPlacement, Simultaneous actionComplete
Invaders of MarsPlayers take turns fleeing from a powerful alien menace bent on using them as fodder for breeding until only one player is left standing.24Volcano board for 2 players, chessboard for 4 playersCapture, NoneComplete
King o' the CastleA strategy game where players try to invade one another's castles2coin or discUnknownPlaytesting
King of the Sinking IcebergJump and capture small caps on a shrinking board2noneUnknownInitial design
KotraA dice strategy game similar to Backgammon, played on a chessboard.24A chessboard, two d4 diceMovementComplete
KrumpA chess-like game where your movement options increase as the game progresses.2Mega-Volcano board, Playing CardsNoneComplete
LandrushCompete to own the land worth the greatest value.251 Piecepack set (dice, coins, tiles)and 1 bag.Unknowncomplete?
Latent BinariesAbide by the rules of binaries... Rely on deductive reasoning and luck to create weaknesses in your opponent's defenses in order to have a clear shot at taking control of their base.2four gaming stones or markers, a 7X5 or 5X5 boardMovementcomplete?
Leaning TowersBuild Out Build Up210playing surface maybe a newspaperUnknownComplete
Ley Lines of MarsPlace pyramids on the surface of Mars to claim mystic dominance2Martian Coasters, Volcano capsUnknownPlaytesting
LimnA Balderdash-style bluffing game410writing paper, scissorsUnknownPlaytesting
LogisticsA game of Logistics in progress28-10 index or playing cardsCapture, Perfect informationPlaytesting
Lonely IceA solitaire game of attack.1deck of playing cardsUnknownComplete
MagmaJumpy patience on a Volcano board12Volcano board, opaque bagPuzzle, Jumpingcomplete?
MagnetoIt´s all about opposites.25x5 boardUnknowncomplete?
MandalaA deceptively simple game of set collection25unique token per playerSet collection, Perfect informationComplete
Martian BackgammonA Martian take on Backgammon2imaginary board, 3 tokens, 2 six-sided diceUnknownComplete
Martian BattleSpiresMartian BattleSpires is a game of domination by advantage.2A volcano board would be handy but not required.UnknownPlaytesting
Martian BoggleMove pyramids around a letter grid to spell words2Miniature Scrabble set, opaque bag, D4s, Volcano boardUnknownComplete
Martian CanalsA placement and capture game of Martian stone circles and pyramids.2125 Gaming Stones per player in that player's color, 3 Fudge Dice, A 7x13 boardPlacement, CaptureComplete
Martian ChaturajiBased on a strategy game that predates Chess24stones, D4s, chessboardUnknownComplete
Martian ChaturangaBased on a strategy game that predates Chess2stones, D4s, Volcano boardUnknownComplete
Martian ColonistsA resource gathering race, vaguely inspired by Settlers of Catan and a set of dice that match the colours of Icehouse pyramids28Piecepack: 1-3 sets. Some coloured dice, see rules. Aquarius. Opaque bag.UnknownInitial design
Martian FloodPlayers score points by building ships & towers that survive the floods34One standard deck of playing cards, three six-sided diceUnknownPlaytesting
Martian GoPlayers build branching tree structures from a root, trying to always branch from their own pieces, not their opponent's.24Chessboard, four markersUnknownComplete
Martian Life24chessboardUnknownComplete
Martian Mah JonggA rummy game in the style of Chinese Mah Jongg24One six-sided die (d6), one eight-sided die (d8). A screen for each player (RAMbot screens work well)UnknownComplete
Martian Midswreak havoc with Martian Mids24Mid Cards, a die, chessboard, colored glass beadsUnknowncomplete?
Martian Mud WrestlingA simple game of sinking in the mud2Volcano boardUnknownComplete
Martian PachinkoA Martian pachinko game for two2Marking stones in 2 colors, Opaque bagUnknownInitial design
Martian PachisiAn Icehouse version of Pachisi210One die (d6 recommended).Unknowncomplete
Martian Push2House Game being translated into Treehouse2or 3x3 Martian coasters (2 sets), 9x9 grid boardUnknownInitial design
Martian QuiltingAssembling pyramidal pieces264x4 board, "needle" tokenUnknowncomplete?
Martian RaceBe the first to have your family go up in the rocket and down in history!25chessboardUnknownComplete
Martian RiskMartian armies invade Earth36any large map, 25 tokens, D4sUnknownComplete
Martian SenetA race through the Martian underworld2Martian Coasters, diceStacking, Modular boardcomplete?
Martian ShogiChess/shogi variant with pyramids.2chessboardUnknownComplete
Martianopoly"Chop down trees, erect buildings, make money."24Chessboard or megavolcano boardAlignmentComplete
MiddlemanManeuver around a cramped board to reunite your pieces2boardMovement, N/AComplete
Mind ControlI2ChessboardUnknownComplete
Missile CommandUse your Missile Batteries offensively to uncover and eliminate enemy Presidents while at the same time defending your own President from attack.210Several tokens small enough to fit entirely inside a small pyramidUnknownComplete
Moscow IceThis is Chinese checkers for pyramids with some twists.24Chess board or 10x10 boardUnknownComplete
MunaboA real-time game played on a napkin210Napkina timerUnknownComplete
MunchAncient space monsters roam the galaxy, munching worlds and each other.246x6 boardCapturing, PlacementComplete
NileUse your workers to build the great pyramids of Egypt2Chessboard, 3 six-sided dice, 5-6 "Favor" tokensUnknownComplete
Nonub Ish452 Card-like objects, colored markersUnknowncomplete?
Olympus MonsA chess-like game where captured pieces are worth their pip-value2chessboardUnknownInitial design
OutgrowEach player represents a fungal colony, trying to outgrow the other colonies in the limited space available.2ChessboardUnknownInitial design
OverrideA two-player game where pieces are individually owned but mutually controlled25x5 gridPlacement, Perfect informationComplete
Pach-Ice-iGet all your pieces to your opponent's start2Board as described, three d8 diceUnknownComplete
PentamidGet five pieces in a row2Volcano boardPiece placement, Piece movementComplete
Pentamid TwistGet five pieces in a row2set of Martian CoastersPlacement, Dynamic boardComplete
PikemenDefend your pieces from jousting pikemen!24chessboardUnknownComplete
Pikemen (Polish)Broń swoje jednostki przed szarżującymi pikinierami!24szachownicaEliminacja elementów przeciwnikaComplete
Polymer ChainsCreate Big Molecules at Home210Poker Chips, Opaque BagUnknownInitial design
PoptrixLaunch new pyramids, destroy enemy pyramids, and control the board.26x5 boardCapturing, NoneComplete
Power TowerBuild high towers by taking over pieces from other towers.24NoneUnknowncomplete?
Precary-IceA dexterity game like Jenga25D6DexterityComplete
ProtozoaCreate the most successful multi-celled colony creature24chessboardPlacementcomplete?
PumpkinHalloween Game24GridUnknownInitial design
PylonA 2-player abstract strategy game of placement and stacking.2a 5x6 rectangular boardUnknownComplete
PyraGRYB24GRYB board, GRYB diceUnknownComplete
Pyramid SchemeBuild pyramids, attack your enemy, and earn Ra’s favor by being the first to gather the correct number of favor tokens.24favor tokens, stones (in 2 to 4 different colors), chessboardPlacement, Stackingcomplete?
QuicksandA strategy game where you try to capture your opponent's pieces on a board that is in constant flux.24 Martian CoastersPlacement, Capture, Board RotationComplete
Quicksand (Polish)Gra strategiczna, w której plansza nieustannie się zmienia, a celem jest zdobywanie piramidek przeciwnika.24 Martian CoastersUmieszczanie i zbijanie piramidek, Obracanie planszComplete
Quintazone-ChaserFurther play to follow on a game of Quintazone25Aquarius deck (newer version is better), unique token for each player, Color dieRace, CaptureComplete
QuintoA strategy game based on Quarto2Volcano boardUnknownComplete
RGBIn RGB, stacks of Icehouse pieces reproduce and try to kill each other's children2chessboardUnknownComplete
Race to the TopA combo game.310Game board, traditional deck of cards, Would You Rather cards, 1 small icehouse piece.UnknownInitial design
Ricochet PyramidsSimultaneous real-time searching for the shortest solution to move a robot to a goal.288x8 chessboard; timerMovement, PuzzleComplete
Robot HouseRobot House is a tactical arena game inspired by Meatbot Massacre.24dice, tokens, hex boardUnknownInitial design
Rosicrucian Chessoccult chess variant a.k.a. Enochian Chess24chessboard, conventional die (optional)Chess, DivinationComplete
Rotationaryrotate pieces in place1noneUnknowncomplete?
Rummy TowersRummy towers is a rummy game using pyramids instead of tiles or cards.241 bag that you can't see through, a screen of some sort..UnknownInitial design
Scrambled Volcanovariation of Volcano published by Looney Labs25Volcano caps, Volcano board, opaque bagUnknownComplete
Shapeshifter WarsTransform your shapeshifters into the perfect army to defeat the enemy.2Volcano boardCapturing, NoneComplete
Share and Share AlikeA game of shifting loyalties4A poker deck, a six-sided die, custom board, play tracker sheets, pens for each playerTower-building, Market speculationComplete
Shield BashersIn Shield Bashers, spaceships battle through interaction of hidden shields.26chessboard or http://www.ee0r.com/tri-chess/ Tri-Chess setUnknownInitial design
Simple Life or Death210Large grid (>16x16), 1 deck of cards for every 2 players, set of polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20)Unknowncomplete?
SnowblindHow do you win a game if you have more control over your opponents’ pieces than your own?44x3 grid, opaque bag, paper, pencilUnknownComplete
Solacepatience puzzle for one1noneStacking, Set collectioncomplete?
SpectrumA "currency" exchange game24directional indicator, draw bags/boxesUnknownInitial design
SpikeA strategy game of moves and counter-moves with maze-like aspects2A checkerboard, some tokensUnknownPlaytesting
SprawlCompetitive city building38ChessboardUnknownComplete
Squares of DetonationA game of Civil Engineering. And Dynamite.24board, 2d6ExplosionComplete
Stack Chess2ChessboardUnknowncomplete?
Stack ControlCapture and eliminate enemy pyramids so that you control the most stacks.25Chess BoardUnknownComplete
Stack Control (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze budują wieże z unikalnych elementów.25szachownicaPrzemieszczanie stosów, Eliminacja elementów przeciwnikaComplete
StacktricesA game of fighting enacted within a digital matrix27x7 board (a chessboard minus two rows), a stash pad or space for the trading postUnknownComplete
StarRunnersRace through the star system2six-sided dieUnknownComplete
StawvsAn abstract strategy game similar to Amazons with Volcano scoring.248x8 chessboard; 3 caps or rings per playerMovement, RemovalComplete
SubdivisionA Real Estate Development Game24A board ( a Chessboard Bandanna works nicely ), some markersUnknownComplete
Super Death RayImage coming soon...23Turn Token, 5 White Volcano Caps (for 3-Player Games)Color powers, Freeform boardPlaytesting
SupercalifragilisticanoSquare Volcano beyond "Mega"15Volcano caps, 7x7 board (optional)EruptionComplete
Synapse-Ice (Polish)Zapełnianie planszy piramidkami2plansza 6x5Zapełnianie planszyComplete
Take That!A short three in a row game where your opponent chooses the piece you have to play2an extra stash of another color is optionalUnknownInitial design
Temple of MasksA game about the Mayans24Mega Hexano boardUnknownPlaytesting
TerrafexPlayers use icehouse pieces to grow forests, build mountains, start fires and melt glaciers.2Terrafex boardUnknownPlaytesting
Thin IceGrow your fragile ice crystal until it shatters210stable or shaky playing surfaceUnknownComplete
Tic Tac Doh!Slightly twisted variant of Tic-Tac-Toe2imaginary boardUnknownComplete
TitaniceBe the first to steer your transatlantic liner into an iceberg!24NoneUnknownInitial design
TorpedoEach piece is a naval ship, all placed on the field of play in a mad rush. Then the small ships shoot torpedoes, then the medium ones, and then the large ones. The player with the most pips of ships left at the end is the winner.25A straightedge (preferably a laser pointer)UnknownComplete
Torres de AsedioOpen a gap in enemy walls to take your army across the board24Martian coastersUnknownPlaytesting
Tower WarDraft a deck, then try to wage a war without making the tower collapse.2playing cardsDrafting, DexterityComplete
Traffic TyrantsA pyramid game inspired by a children's game of traffic lights23x7 boardUnknownPlaytesting
TransformartianCreate grid formations with colored pyramids24opaque bag, 5x5 board, writing paperUnknownComplete
TresurionAn Icehouse space battles system21d20, 1d10, 15x25 (or larger) boardUnknowncomplete?
TriceControl the spaces with the mystic symbols3Trice board, two d4 or three six-sided diceUnknownComplete
TriforceIn Triforce, players combat for control over a portion of a triangular playing field.36pawns, d20, d12sUnknownInitial design
TriluminaryIn Triluminary, players battle for influence over the Grey Council.2Hexagonal boardUnknownInitial design
TriumvirateCapture at least two trees' worth of opponent's pieces2ChessboardUnknowncomplete?
Tugga WarPull twelve pips into your goal25x7 board, one dieUnknownComplete
TurtlerHelp your turtle navigate a busy 6-lane freeway24chessboard, D6UnknownComplete
U.S. PresidentWill you be the next US President?26Modified map, State cardsUnknownComplete
UndercutIn Undercut, players try to bid low to get pieces with the lowest value.351 marker per player, 1 or 3 bags to draw pieces from, pen, paperUnknownComplete
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover24Board, 3d6Destructioncomplete?
Venusian BowlingRoll a D20 at pyramids to knock them down26D20, MousepadUnknownComplete
Volcano RaceVolcano Race: Played by Martian children everywhere!22 small pyramids of a neutral color, (preferably) a Volcano board.UnknownComplete
Wardrobes27x7 boardUnknownInitial design
Ways of the Towering TribesmenTwo barbaric tribes at war2Volcano boardInterpositioncomplete?
Whack ChessChess with stacking pyramids and a dynamic board2chessboard wedges, diceChess, Dynamic boardcomplete?
What Blind Ninjas?A game of moving silently and striking carefully244x8 grid per player (half a chess board)UnknownComplete
Xero-GA quick, accessible game of spaceships and strategy26x6 gridPerfect informationComplete
ZagamiMartian microbial life tries to survive and thrive on an asteroid4chessboardUnknownComplete
Zarcanaterritorial control on a board of cards Tarot, with CCG-like card effects24deck of Tarot cards or playing cardsUnknownComplete
ZendoPlayers achieve satori when they discover the secret rule that explains which koans have the elusive Buddha-nature37marking stones (~20 in each of 3 colors)UnknownComplete
Zendo-TaoZendo masters take small steps along the path to discover the one true secret rule.2100Wikipedia:wiki, wikiUnknowncomplete?
Zoink!A game of chance by stealing and regaining pieces.26zoink playing cards, Zoink! playing cards, six-sided dieStrategic collectionInitial design
Zombie CoastersStop the Zombie plague before it gets out of hand!13a Treehouse die, 1 set of martian coasters, 15 markers of some kind(zendo stones?)UnknownPlaytesting
ZugzwangAn icehouse game inspired by chess2ChessboardUnknowncomplete?