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This is a list of games that use an opaque bag (or two) for randomizing the pyramids in some way.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersStashesSetsGame MechanicsStatus
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.5Unknowncomplete?
Black ICEThe 3HOUSE game of computer cracking223Discovering codes underneath opaque pyramidscomplete?
Bottoms Upnot given6Unknowncomplete?
CapstoneIn Capstone, players try to build stacks that match their secret goal stacks.4Unknowncomplete?
Chaos CheckersA twist on checkers where the pieces constantly gain new abilities2255Strategic placement, Turn-basedcomplete?
Colorful CluesA deduction game where players try to guess the missing colors1 Rainbow and 1 XenoUnknowncomplete?
Dragon's HoardBe the hero who escapes the dungeon with the most treasure before sunset.144+ up to 95+ up to 10Unknowncomplete?
EOFPlayers use icehouse pieces to make patterns in a data stream.4 (1 basic set)Unknowncomplete?
FreimaurereiConduct lodge-based conspiracies during the European Enlightenment22910Resource management, Hidden informationcomplete?
I Have ColorA color based children's word game.2121 or 2Draw, Abstractcomplete?
Ice ColonyA game of trying to build up your colony and take control of a variety of terrain and eliminate your opponent.2410Direct conflict, EliminationNearly Complete
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.361/player + 25 for 3 players (+1/additional player)Placement, Pyramid drawcomplete?
Kumbhanot given253Unknowncomplete?
LandrushCompete to own the land worth the greatest value.251 per player.Unknowncomplete?
MagmaJumpy patience on a Volcano board125+5+Puzzle, Jumpingcomplete?
Martian 12sPlayed in Casinos all over MarsUnknowncomplete?
Martian ColonistsA resource gathering race, vaguely inspired by Settlers of Catan and a set of dice that match the colours of Icehouse pyramidsOne stash per player, plus one stash of any other colours you have handyUnknowncomplete?
Martian PachinkoA Martian pachinko game for two55Unknowncomplete?
Polymer ChainsCreate Big Molecules at HomeUnknowncomplete?
PowerhouseCollect exactly five pyramids in one size but five different colors.253Semi-random drawcomplete?
Pyramids in my pocketA variation on Drip, in which a player tries to guess which pyramids the other has hidden in his pocket.2232Stackingcomplete?
RAMbots FactoryA variant of RAMbots where the factory floor moves and changes orientation and adds various board elements to interact with.241 per player1 per playerNonecomplete?
Rummy TowersRummy towers is a rummy game using pyramids instead of tiles or cards.Unknowncomplete?
Scrambled Volcanovariation of Volcano published by Looney Labs5Unknowncomplete?
SnowblindHow do you win a game if you have more control over your opponents’ pieces than your own?444Unknowncomplete?
Sorcerer's Apprentice6Unknowncomplete?
SpectraA game of color theory26Eight - R O Y G B P Bk WhUnknowncomplete?
SpectrumA "currency" exchange game2412 (one each of all 12 available colors)Unknowncomplete?
Spy vs SpyCollect all the pieces of the Thingamajig, avoid the other spy and the police, and get out alive!2236Unknowncomplete?
Take It Or Leave ItA "Press Your Luck" style Treehouse game261 Treehouse stashUnknowncomplete?
ThreeStoneTry to build stacks that match your secret goal stacks.23Stacking, Hidden informationcomplete?
UndercutIn Undercut, players try to bid low to get pieces with the lowest value.355Unknowncomplete?