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  [[Stashes::!~*per player*]]
  [[Stashes::!~*per player*]]
[[Stashes::!~*na gracza*]]

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These are games which can be played with a single stash of pyramids (i.e. 5 pyramids of each of the 3 sizes), regardless of color.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
ArmadaIn Armada, a fleet of fast, maneuverable ships does battle with a fleet of slow, powerful ships.2Chits to act as damage markersMeasured movementComplete
Atom SmasherA game of dexterity inspired by billiards, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrom carrom, and marbles2100One token per player, some form of relatively smooth playing surfaceDexterity, Turn-basedComplete
Cardinal ConnectionsIn Cardinal Connections, players try to make more pyramids point towards themselves than toward the other players.24chessboardBoardComplete
CentrificeCentrifice is a hurling match, introducing a new mechanic for stackable Icehouse pieces: Centrificeing (hurling your Icehouse pieces with the help of other Icehouse pieces).1100NoneUnknownPlaytesting
Coaster ChessMartian Chess meets Martian Coasters244 Martian CoastersUnknownPlaytesting
Cold SpellSpell the most valuable words with your tiles24An Alpha deck or Scrabble tilesUnknownComplete
CoupTake over a small country352 decks of cards, jokers, tokensUnknownInitial design
DripA stacking game using Icehouse pieces2Treehouse plastic tubeUnknownComplete
EpicycleExchange your pieces for those in a circle. Avoid getting 3 pieces of the same size.2noneUnknownComplete
Give or Take210Pyramid dieSet collection, TradingComplete
The Great Martian Ice Machine24Volcano Board, 24 Poker ChipsUnknowncomplete?
Green HijinksA luck-free variant of Pink Hijinks23x3 gridPattern formationComplete
Gygès (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze przemieszczają piramidy na szachownicy.2szachownicaPrzemieszczanie piramidcomplete?
HomejinksTiny space combat inspired by Homeworlds23color dieCapture, Freeform boardComplete
Ice AgeMastodons vs the Hunters2nickels, pennies; Volcano boardUnknowncomplete?
IceGolfIcehouse Golf, using a stash tube as Club1100Martian Coasters (optional), Treehouse tubeDexterityComplete
IceHanoiA solo game of trying to turn nests into trees1UnknownInitial design
IceSickleIceSickle is a bit similar to checkers, but was originally inspired by solitaire peg jumping games2Volcano boardJumping, PlacementComplete
Icehouse DashBe the first to complete all five trees14Poker DeckUnknownPlaytesting
Moon ShotA game of dexterous strategy for any number of players.1100A smooth surface; one Treehouse tube (or one tube per player for the turnless variation)Dexterity, MiniaturesComplete
Pink HijinksA tiny game of Pyramids23x3 grid, Pyramid dieDice rolling, Pattern formationComplete
PumpkinHalloween Game24GridUnknownInitial design
PungoA game of Pungo setup and ready to play2two 3x4 boards, six-sided dieControlled roll, Perfect informationComplete
Pushing RaceA race where you’ll need the roll of an Icehouse die to win, but the same roll could force you to help an opponent243 Martian Coasters (or any 3 x 9-space board), 1 Icehouse diePiece movement, DiceInitial design
Rotationaryrotate pieces in place1noneUnknowncomplete?
SkyscrapersA free-form action and dexterity game for lively party fun.212NoneDexterity, StackingInitial design
SpectrumA "currency" exchange game24directional indicator, draw bags/boxesUnknownInitial design
SpikeA strategy game of moves and counter-moves with maze-like aspects2A checkerboard, some tokensUnknownPlaytesting
Stacktors!A role-playing game system using pyramids.2100battlemat, prepared or freeform adventure plans; pen, paper.Tactics, ComparisonPlaytesting
StarRunnersRace through the star system2six-sided dieUnknownComplete
Take That!A short three in a row game where your opponent chooses the piece you have to play2an extra stash of another color is optionalUnknownInitial design
Tic Tac Doh!Slightly twisted variant of Tic-Tac-Toe2imaginary boardUnknownComplete
TitaniceBe the first to steer your transatlantic liner into an iceberg!24NoneUnknownInitial design
TrackAngelDeduce the location of your opponent's secret submarine on a chessboard2chessboard, paperUnknownInitial design
Treehouse (Polish)Gra oparta na kostce Treehouse24kostka Treehouse (w zestawie)Rzuty kością, Dopasowanie do wzorcaComplete
Tugga WarPull twelve pips into your goal25x7 board, one dieUnknownComplete
Xero-GA quick, accessible game of spaceships and strategy26x6 gridPerfect informationComplete