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This is a list of games that require four monochrome stashes to play.

For more 4-player games, see also Browse games/Stashes per player

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
AebGrow your forces and destroy the enemy.24chess boardNonecomplete?
AutomatonThis is a Robotic Combat gameChessboard, a unique token for each player, a 3x5 card (or like implement) for each Automaton)Simultaneous actioncomplete?
Barsoomian JetanFantasy chess on Barsoom (Mars)2210x10 grid boardChess, Angular movementcomplete?
Battle of the Body SnatchersCapture more villagers and enemy aliens than your opponent.226x5 boardCapturing, Nonecomplete?
Blam!Looking for someone to shove? Strategize in Blam! with two to four elbow-room seekers.A checkerboardUnknowncomplete?
Block ur Friends aka BurFInspired by the game Saikoro where board options are removed, in this one it fills24Chess board, PawnsBlocking, Dice Rollingcomplete?
CapstoneIn Capstone, players try to build stacks that match their secret goal stacks.a stash pad, a bag to draw pyramids from, shieldsUnknowncomplete?
Capture The CardUse Icehouse pieces and strategy to capture cards.a deck of cards including two JokersUnknowncomplete?
Cold SpellSpell the most valuable words with your tiles22An Alpha deck or Scrabble tilesUnknowncomplete?
Dragon's HoardBe the hero who escapes the dungeon with the most treasure before sunset.14piecepack, 2 opaque bagsUnknowncomplete?
EOFPlayers use icehouse pieces to make patterns in a data stream.Shields, bag, BOF, EOF markersUnknowncomplete?
EvacuateGet your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.24custom boardStacking, Placementcomplete?
Example GameNot really a gamediceUnknowncomplete?
Galaa.k.a. Farmer's Chess210 x 10 grid boardCapturecomplete?
GeneratorBe the first player with a power coupling on each of the other nodes.24GRYB board, GRYB diceUnknowncomplete?
Hailstorma very random betting gamelarge flat surface, opaque containerUnknowncomplete?
HomeworldsA strategy game of starships, transformation, and negotiation2Homeworld markers (optional), good/evil markers (optional)Unknowncomplete?
Horde RunnersA game of strategy involving theft and two players.22One Chessboard, one six sided die.Steal, Runcomplete?
Ice ArenaIce Arena is a tactical arena combat game.dice, tokens, hex boardUnknowncomplete?
Ice Fishing24Opaque container, screensUnknowncomplete?
Ice SoloA solitaire game.1Unknowncomplete?
IceDuelA miniatures-oriented, arena duel game with an unusual character creation format.24a chessboard plus one more per player, a unique pawn for each player, 4 tokens for each player, an 8-sided die, a tarot deck (or a poker deck)Color powerscomplete?
IceTradersStarships battle for Good and Evilplaying surfaceUnknowncomplete?
Imperial ShuffleBlock your opponent's Emperor from being able to movecustom board of partial chessboardUnknowncomplete?
Lonely IceA solitaire game of attack.1deck of playing cardsUnknowncomplete?
Martian Midswreak havoc with Martian Mids24Mid Cards, a die, chessboard, colored glass beadsUnknowncomplete?
Martian ShogiChess/shogi variant with pyramids.chessboardUnknowncomplete?
Martian Treasure HuntPlayers compete to have the most valuable pile of treasure at the end of the game.24piecepack setUnknowncomplete?
OutgrowEach player represents a fungal colony, trying to outgrow the other colonies in the limited space available.Chess Board.Unknowncomplete?
Paint the LineTry to build the largest groups out of captured pyramids.222x63x6 boardsCapturing, Placementcomplete?
PointsettiaPlayers compete to place their pieces.Unknowncomplete?
RAMbotsIn RAMbots, players design secret programs which are executed in an order determined by precedence, to control robots that are fighting to become the first to tag all of the goals.Chessboard, screens to hide programs, small pieces from extra stash (optional)Color powers, Programmingcomplete?
RAMbots (Polish)Gracze potajemnie programują ruchy swoich robotów.24szachownicaProgrmowanie, Gra na planszycomplete?
RGBIn RGB, stacks of Icehouse pieces reproduce and try to kill each other's childrenchessboardUnknowncomplete?
Robot HouseRobot House is a tactical arena game inspired by Meatbot Massacre.dice, tokens, hex boardUnknowncomplete?
Shapeshifter WarsTransform your shapeshifters into the perfect army to defeat the enemy.22Volcano boardCapturing, Nonecomplete?
Share and Share AlikeA game of shifting loyalties4A poker deck, a six-sided die, custom board, play tracker sheets, pens for each playerTower-building, Market speculationcomplete?
SkurðirAn Icehouse Transportation GameNoneUnknowncomplete?
SnowblindHow do you win a game if you have more control over your opponents’ pieces than your own?444x3 grid, opaque bagUnknowncomplete?
Snowman MeltdownIcehouse/piecepack hybrid snowman fight held on a comet.24piecepack setUnknowncomplete?
StawvsAn abstract strategy game similar to Amazons with Volcano scoring.248x8 chessboard; 3 caps or rings per playerMovement, Removalcomplete?
TerrafexPlayers use icehouse pieces to grow forests, build mountains, start fires and melt glaciers.Terrafex boardUnknowncomplete?
TöframennA fantasy strategy game where wizards, experts in a variety of elemental arts (represented by nine colors), face off in a battle of good verses evil.chessboardUnknowncomplete?
UibadiBattle your opponents.2Unknowncomplete?
Vankor WarsA game of revolution and city takeover24Board, 3d6Destructioncomplete?
Volcano IslandBe the most dominant tribe on the Island after the volcano has had its say342 piecepack setsUnknowncomplete?
Whack ChessChess with stacking pyramids and a dynamic board22chessboard wedges, diceChess, Dynamic boardcomplete?
ZagamiMartian microbial life tries to survive and thrive on an asteroidchessboardUnknowncomplete?
ZendoPlayers achieve satori when they discover the secret rule that explains which koans have the elusive Buddha-naturemarking stones (~20 in each of 3 colors)Unknowncomplete?