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This is a list of games that require either five monochrome stashes or five Rainbow/Xeno sets to play.

Note: in most cases, the terms of "5 monochrome stashes" and "5 Rainbow sets" are interchangeable. Occasionally five specific colors are required - typically the rainbow colors of Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black. However, you can usually get around the restriction by substituting other colors as you see fit.

NameDescriptionMin PlayersMax PlayersOther EquipmentGame MechanicsStatus
AbiegnusRosicrucian Volcano12Volcano board, 5 ELBs, IceDice color dieEruption, Divinationcomplete?
AebGrow your forces and destroy the enemy.24chess boardNonecomplete?
Alchemy ICENoughts and crosses with randomized "symbols" of five different types.Chessboard, Opaque bagUnknowncomplete?
AlheimurAn Icehouse space exploration game that uses an Aquarius deck.28Aquarius deck, 3d6Nonecomplete?
Aquarius RisingConnect your elements to the higher planes25Aquarius deck (any vintage)Placement, Hidden informationcomplete?
Buyer's Market24color die, Zark City deckBidding, BuildingComplete
Chaos CheckersA twist on checkers where the pieces constantly gain new abilities223 dice bags, 1 set of Volcano CapsStrategic placement, Turn-basedcomplete?
Crystal CavernsRPG played on a playing card dungeon map15Treehouse Dice, CountersBoardcomplete?
Crystal WarsWargame played on Martian Coasters24Dice or CountersBoardcomplete?
Dragon's HoardBe the hero who escapes the dungeon with the most treasure before sunset.14piecepack, 2 opaque bagsUnknowncomplete?
EvacuateGet your Stacktor clans out of burning nightclubs before your rival/s manage/s to do the same.24custom boardStacking, Placementcomplete?
Game of PrincesThe two sons of the king play a racing game to one another’s carpets with help of their servitors22Piece movementcomplete?
HexanoA variant of Volcano played on a hexagonal board instead of a square 5x5 onehexagonal board (PDF available)Unknowncomplete?
Houses of ThothErecting Pyramids on Tarot cards, and vice versa25Tarot deckAccumulation, Constructioncomplete?
Ice PalaceA game of simple mechanics but complex interactions where players compete to win “hands” and ultimately control the construction of the Ice Palace.36A smooth surface; an opaque bag, a markerPlacement, Pyramid drawcomplete?
Ice SoloA solitaire game.1Unknowncomplete?
IceCubedA game utilizing IceDice components and a Mega-Volcano board: Players are randomly given opportunities for movement, attack, and supply to the board while also presented the opportunity to seek revenge and wreak havoc on their opponents.24Mega-Volcano board, ELBS (up to 2 sets), IceDiceUnknowncomplete?
Iceland VolcanoLava flows for points as the volcano erupts!14Volcano boardUnknowncomplete?
Invaders of MarsPlayers take turns fleeing from a powerful alien menace bent on using them as fodder for breeding until only one player is left standing.24Volcano board for 2 players, chessboard for 4 playersCapture, Nonecomplete?
MagmaJumpy patience on a Volcano board12Volcano board, opaque bagPuzzle, Jumpingcomplete?
Mandala"A deceptively simple game of set collection"25unique token per playerSet collection, Perfect informationcomplete?
Martian PachinkoA Martian pachinko game for twoMarking stones in 2 colors, Opaque bagUnknowncomplete?
MunchAncient space monsters roam the galaxy, munching worlds and each other.24Mega-Volcano boardCapturing, Placementcomplete?
NileUse your workers to build the great pyramids of Egypt22Chessboard, 3 six-sided dice, 5-6 "Favor" tokensUnknowncomplete?
Rosicrucian Chessoccult chess variant a.k.a. Enochian Chess24chessboard, conventional die (optional)Chess, Divinationcomplete?
Stack ControlCapture and eliminate enemy pyramids so that you control the most stacks.25Chess BoardUnknowncomplete?
Stack Control (Polish)Gra strategiczna, gracze budują wieże z unikalnych elementów.25szachownicaPrzemieszczanie stosów, Eliminacja elementów przeciwnikacomplete?
Super Death RayImage coming soon...23Turn Token, 5 White Volcano Caps (for 3-Player Games)Color powers, Freeform boardcomplete?
UndercutIn Undercut, players try to bid low to get pieces with the lowest value.351 marker per player, 1 or 3 bags to draw pieces from, pen, paperUnknowncomplete?
Volcano (variants)Lava flows for points as the volcano erupts!14Volcano board, Volcano Caps, capsEruption, Set collectioncomplete?